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Newbie from the Republic


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Finally thought I should post something here.

I'm based in Dublin (Ireland not America)

I finally got my first and second  scopes last week.

After a lot of thinking, looking and advice I went against all the advice and saved myself €700 by buying a second hand scope and goto mount. 

Next of course came the means of powering it and looking through it which was sorted yesterday.

I'm now awaiting everything to arrive by post and the opportunity to survey the clouds in detail. I assume that's the idea since we get more cloudy nights than clear ones....it wouldnt make sense not to use it...right? 

I'm now the proud owner of the following

Meade LXD 75 6 inch goto

8 & 18 mm BST Starguider

26mm 4000 series Meade

2x Barlow

Celestron Skymaster 20x80

Olympus 10x50

Skywatcher Star travel 80... I couldn't resist a grab n go.....with 10 & 20 mm EP. :) ....on the way from Essex. 

I now need a bigger house :)





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7 hours ago, baggywrinkle said:

Welcome to SGL...what about the 3rd scope

Considering I've only pointed my binos to the heavens so far I daren't get a third scope.

I hope to bring my ST80 in hand luggage to Slovakia next month. 2500 feet and guaranteed dark skies  is just too tempting . If it wont fit, it'll definitely be my binos.

My wife thinks we're having a  romantic few days away while her parents mind the kids 30 miles away  in their house :)


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