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Plato and Gassendi 20 Jan 2016

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First imaging session for quite a while, just couldn't resist the bright high moon.

Couple of favourites Plato and Gassendi,  C9.25 F20 QHY5L-II IR Pass filter.



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Many thanks for your comments and likes guys, much appreciated.  Moon riding high again tonight, but it is Friday and a bottle of red is tempting me away....  Just  time to catch Aristarchus ...

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3 minutes ago, resonator77 said:

Cant see anything... where is the image?



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1 hour ago, PeterCPC said:



The forum had a major upgrade at the weekend, it isn't finished yet. Updating links to photographs is ongoing.

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How come some members can see the images and others can't? Is it because we are running on XP?

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    • By Ruud
      Yesterday the Moon was  low in the sky (in Scorpius), but he seeing was good and allowed magnifications up to  257x.  Gassendi was the most prominent crater on the terminator. Here's a painting of the scene.
      The small Moon image (Stellarium) shows the location of Gassendi.

      Thank you for watching.
    • By RJ901
      Gassendi Crater and Surroundings
      One of the most interesting areas of the moon containing a huge array of various features. Seeing was just OK; this was the best out of a dozen or so shots. I may have gotten carried away with the labels, but the act of labeling was fun and greatly helped expand my understanding this portion of the moon. The detail in Gassendi and the area surrounding the Agatharchides craters were particularly fun to explore.
      26 Feb 2018
      Memphis, TN
      iPhone 8 Plus, Zoomed to 1.5x
      Sky-Watcher 10” Dob
      3.2mm Agena Astro ED Eye Piece
      Orion Steady Pix EZ Smart Phone Adapter
      Tags manually added with Photoshop Mix
      No other adjustments made

    • By Stu
      Thought I should at least enter this, although I generally stay away from competitions where I am not the only judge .
      This is a shot of Plato plus surroundings, taken with an iPhone 6 Plus handheld at the eyepiece.
      Scope: Tak FC100DC (another 50p in the swear box!)
      Eyepiece: 3 to 6 Nag Zoom at 3mm setting (I think!) giving x246.
      Mount: AZGTi on Gitzo tripod
      Taken using Procam 4 and cropped and processed using PS Express, all on the phone.

    • By Stargazer33
      This image was captured on the evening of 08 April 2017
      Scope: Celestron C9.25 Mount: Celestron CGEM Camera: QHY5LIIc Capture Software: EZPlanetary Filter: None Stacking Software: Registax6 Extra Processing: Photoshop CS4 Extended  

    • By Stargazer33
      I can't believe how long it is since I have been out with my 'scope!
      This is a quick process of 1000 frames using the best 5% processed in AS2! and then tweaked in PS CS4.
      Scope: Celestron C9.25
      Mount: Celestron CGEM
      Camera: QHY5LII colour

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