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What do these sell for nowadays? Getting ready for a clearout and found one of these in my case. I remember them getting discontinued a few years ago, and were tough to get hold of even before that.

Cant find any prices on eBay, abs, or Google for that matter...

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Have seen the odd one come up for sale and some are asking a silly price and they don't seem to sell, another I watched on ebay sold for 30. I think I paid 35 on ABS for my one a coupe of years ago.

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If you are selling, I'd say £30-35 posted is fair if it's in very good condition. It's not a bad barlow, but if I was buying a similar size/featured unit I'd go for the Celestron Ultima SV one myself, usually come up around £45-£55 in vgc used.


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Do you need to sell it? You may not find another, and what would you pay for one yourself  today?

I'd like to test one against my Deluxe, though  I'm not sure my eyes would notice any difference between the two under the same conditions here at my observatory?

I had similar to Laudropb, the 2.5x Revelation, but found the Deluxe a better option for my needs and slightly  less power, plus the ability now, to unscrew the cell for even lower power when attached directly to the eyepiece.

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I sold one last year for £35. It sold immediately and I had a lot of folk enquiring about it :happy7: The Tal was a very good Barlow indeed and I replaced it with the very versatile Baader VIP.

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