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Dear Members, G'Day from Darwin , Australia.

I'm new....about 1 month since I got my first telescope. The procrastination and cogitation was endless. But finally I bought a C926 Evolution.....thanks to all the threads on here, that have advised countless before me. Every time I google search a question, I'm linked to a thread on this site, so I'm looking forward to being a member of this community.

There are no Astro clubs in Darwin, so any members from my neck of the woods, please shout out.


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HI and welcome from the UK, there is a wealth of information from many great people.

I am a newby to it all and so many helpful people willing to share there experience and give some of there time.

Bet you get some better weather down there :)

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Thank you all for he welcome. Hey Beaner!

The weather is warm/hot all year round in Darwin, with mostly clear skies. But at 12S it's in the tropics....which apparently is not ideal, although i havent worked out why yet.

Along side stargazing....I've gotten addicted to reading the threads on this forum (and IIS).....indespensible!

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