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As it was clear for the first time in ages last night I thought I'd try my luck at the HH. Sadly after an hour and a half under my little black blanket, and having studied the region thoroughly, I had to admit defeat. The session wasn't a complete failure though as I had a great view of the Flame Nebula, the best I've ever seen it. Also, and this is a first for me, I had a thrilling view of IC 434. I say thrilling, but in reality it was not easy as I was only using a 100mm frac.

The sky was transparent but for some of the time heat from the town caused the star images to scintillate. I came in after my session frozen but very happy that my little scope had shown me IC 434, an object I've attempted many times before and with larger scopes, but never sucçeeded in bagging.


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I've seen the Horse Head on a couple of occasions with my 10". I've been trying to get it with my 4.7" for a couple of years now. So far all I've been able to get have been occasional hints of IC434 with an imagined darker spot in it, but I'll keep trying and hoping for the near mythical night of excellent seeing and excellent transparency.

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Nice report Mike, pity about the Horsehead.

If it's any consolation, your 3.9" scope is showing more than my 12" does :undecided:

Hi John,

Its funny how when i started in amateur astronomy in 1979/80 I soon felt I knew everything there was to know about telescopes. However, as time went on, the more I learned the less I knew, so that now ive given up believing I know anything for certain, except this one fact - Telescopes are very much an Enigma to me!

Mike :-)

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The HH is purportedly an order of magnitude more difficult to observe than the Flame [HH was discovered via AP!] and I'd rate M42 an order of magnitude brighter than the Flame - all 3 'steps' in one small area of sky ;-) 

I've never seen the HH and don't expect to here in London but my cam can in a few seconds with live-view so I'm happy ! 


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