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Change of Use !!!!


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I am thinking of altering the mirrors in my telescope to turn it into a Periscope, because, if it does not stop raining here I think I am going to need one. Got up the other morning looked out of the door and saw Jupiter, went for my bins and when I got back to the door it was raining. I was only gone a minute. I am a patient person in general but I have not has my scope out for three months now and it is starting to get to me. I dont have a permanent set up so an odd hour here and there is no good to me. Well, I have got that off my chest now, can only hope it will clear up soon :hmh: but I am not holding my breath ( unless I end up under water that is ) but at least then I can use my new periscope........

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I recently bought a pair of 15 X 70mm binoculars. The weather did have a little something to do with this. I can grab them faster and catch a quick view - before the Monsoon-God sees me and lets go again. These low-cost Celestron Skymaster's are pretty good!

Did ya hear me, M-G?


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One good thing to do with a dob these days is to turn it to point vertical, uncap it and use it as a rain gauge.

I though that the M-G was English - I hadn't realised his sphere of influence includsed the US as well......


No, no, he's definitely Scottish ;-)

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