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A comet, a galactic cluster discovery and then a shower!

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Good evening

Finally a clear night on the 7th of January so I made the most of it.

First a look at Comet C2013 X1 in Pegasus..It is in outburst and I could see the square of Pegasus between the roof and tree so I thought I would give it a go. It was a lovely bright ball between two field stars so an excellent start to the session. Here is my observation note and pic.


So on to galaxies. Basically I was touring Gemini, Canis Minor and Lynx. A long list of observations followed including the five that surround Caster that I read about in Walter Scott Houstons deeps sky wonders book...

But my favourite discovery of the night came from looking for UGC 3696 which is near NGC 2329 I had seen before in Lynx.

As I checked the observation on Carte Du Ciel I noticed a spray of fuzzies all around.

Here is the Kopernik.org image of the area.


NGC 2329 is at the centre of this mage and UGC 3696 is above and left. Both galaxies are mag 13 and both were visible with averted vision fairly easily in my 16 inch scope.

So a bit more research and it turns out NGC 2329 is the anchor galaxy of Cluster Abell 569 250 million light years away. It is a large cluster and is connected with the Pisces Perseus wall of galaxies. Sinbad lists 85 children on NGC 2329 which itself is a massive elliptical giant spewing out jets of gas and xrays and the like... Here is the cluster plot which gives you some sense of what I stumbled across.


Anyway I had also viewed MCG 8-13-61 in my galaxies that night which turns out to be another cluster member. Looking back through my observations from November 2015 I find I have seen NGC 2320 / NGC 2340 and NGC 2322 which are also members.

So a great evening of viewing enhanced by post viewing research.

I must be careful otherwise the above might read like one of those chapters in the Webb society magazines or their galaxy of the month written by Owen Brazell!

Finally it is 22.50 I am finding IC 2193 near Caster a bit hard...Am I dewing up? No its cloud after a totally clear evening....Oh my ...in I go on to the HTC rainfall radar...Oh no a red blob coming towards....wait that's rain on the skylight...Josh help me get the scope in..its raining...So in with the scope and out with the hair dryer to dry off the raindrops...so its acid rain drops v Orion Hilux coatings..I will let you know who wins!


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That's such a great report. I always worry about rain and the on-line rainfall radar is your friend.

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Great report Mark, its coming up to galaxy season..... time for me to get one of your charts out :icon_biggrin:

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Great report, I was getting bogged down in Webb Society reports last night !

Pretty bad permacloud here , apart from a clear patch this morning to catch Catalina and the grs,


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great read and report Mark...fascinating stuff...clear skies!

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