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IC 342 or Caldwell 5 if you prefer


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Happy New Year!

Last night was a cracker down here in tropical Sevenoaks, 10 hours of continuous moonless clear skies, and I didn't waste a single minute! I topped up the previous data I had on this tricky galaxy until it got too low and then had time to bag 4 hours on another target!

This one now adds up to 15 hours exposure time, 9 in Luminance and 6 RGB. It's really tougher than it looks and a total shame it's being obscured by our own galaxy, what a corker it would be if we had a clear view of it!

Altair Astro 6"RC & Atik 460ex. Captured in SGPro and processed in Pixinsight & CS5.

Hope you like, and lets look forward to some more nights like last night in 2016!



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Beautifully done, and much Kudos for sticking it out all night.  :thumbsup:

I have no idea where IC 342 resides but I'm now going to check on Stellarium.

Just checked it's location! Ok, so there's no chance with the Binos lol.

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