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Connect the ZWOASI120 to eyepice

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Sorry, wouldn't normally have to ask this sort of question but Google isn't throwing up any info. I've bought the above for guiding mainly but will probably want to try some planetary with it. My question s simlply, how do I connect it to the telescope eyepiece? I meant eyepiece in the title.......

Many thanks,


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I don't know as mine doesnt arrive till tomorrow but i guess you would normally attach it prime or to a barlow or powermate, you may likely need an eyepice projection adaptor for connecting to an eyepiece.

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For planetary you would normally use it with the ZWO camera's 1/1.4" nosepiece fitted and then slip the nosepiece into the holder of a Barlow lens or a high power image-mate.

Otherwise, you would need an eyepiece projection holder which is a barrel with a focuser nosepiece on one end, you slip the eyepiece in the barrel then the other end of the barrel is threaded for the camera or a female 1/1.4" eyepiece holder and then the camera nosepiece slips into that.

Eyepiece projection is never that easy as the diameter of the eyepieces varies so much you can often have trouble finding eyepieces that will fit snugly in the projection barrel and with the camera sensor so far away from the natural focal point of the eyepiece then chromatic aberration becomes a problem.

Simple is best, just use a high power Barlow or an image-mate and this will give good results.

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