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Took a 5 mile round trip hike to get this.Not a cloud in the sky so thought i would try and take a picture of the sun setting into the sea,got a few and the last of the three photos i think i've captured a little green flash.I'm not very clued up about solar matters so could someone in the know confirm or not whether it is,thanks :shocked:

Pictures taken with my canon 350d.55-200mm lens at 200.zoomed and cropped .




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Congratulations S5. You knew enough to try for it, and succeeded, well done.

It's not something that is a common occurrence, actually capturing the flash.

Nice one.

Ron. :shocked:

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Thanks guys and gals,noticed this morning that the pics looked a little noisey,must have been tired last night because i never noticed it then,anyway i have removed offending noise or at least tried. :shocked:

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Oooo! Splendid work!

Wish I lived near the sea. Don't think I could get the same effect as the Sun sinks below the roof tops. :cat:

Green Flash? Isn't he a comic book superhero?



I thought Green Flash was the new eco friendly washing powder. :shocked:


Congrats. That is a great catch. :cat:

It is one of my aims to see this for real



Can it be seen visually because i never noticed it,that said i wasn't really sure what i was expecting to see,i knew that you sometimes got the effect when the sun is almost completely set and conditions are right,i kinda had this idea in my head that a thin green streak of light would be visible along the sea just as the sun dissappears :withstupid:

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I am pretty sure that it is generally regarded as a open water phenomena and does appear in old sea-dog tales (no pun intended), but I suppose if the land is pretty flat .....

Don't be alarmed Carol, I should think most of us will never see it, not from a city site for sure :shocked: Perhaps we ought to resurrect KK's plan for a pirate's voyage to a remote island where it'll be warm and dark !!


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I have been lucky to have seen the Green Flash many times over the years from several locations mainly with a sea horizon. I have observed it only once over land which was witnessed by others at the time.

I have only recorded it once on video and that was slightly obscured by a gantry. :cat: I have managed to upload an edit of it onto the UK Astronomers site but I am struggling to get the link to work. :shocked:

I will try again in the minute.

It appears in the latest uploaded videos.!

Ahh It seems to work........


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The link worked fine for me.. nice little green 'wink' at the end. :shocked:

Good, I am pleased that it now works. I was on a cruise ship in Lisbon, Portugal, and the ship was just leaving the port so I did not have any choice for my viewpoint but we did manage to get it.

I am off around the Med. in June so I am hopeing to spot some more flashes on route.

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