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Hello Everyone

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I hope this is going to be the forum that gets me on my way with my up coming star gazing & planet watching adventure, After years of looking up the time as now come for me to get my 1st Telescope, Obviously i have been doing research for the past year or so but with so many out there i hope to seek some advice from people in the know. What's the best i can buy for £200.00 and might i be better trying a 2nd hand one or am i asking for trouble. Please enlighten me with your knowledge and tell me what i need to see good planet images, nebula's and galaxies. I have few in mind but would like confirmation

Much appreciated


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Hi Steve, welcome to SGL :)

You won't get much better for £200 than this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dobsonians/skywatcher-skyliner-150p-dobsonian.html

I should give excellent planetary images as well as some of the brighter galaxies, though it's worth pointing out most deep sky objects will look like pale grey fuzzy blobs until you have really large apertures.

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Hi Mr Spock and thanks for the warm welcome, I have looked at that Scope before so thanks for your knowledge there, How do they compare to the Orion Spaceprobe 130 EQ or any of the similar 130 models i have seen also the XT4.5 I have seen for under £200.00

Thanks Steve

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Hi Steve and welcome to the forum. Firstly I would buy new as your current inexperience might inhibit your ability to see any complications before you part with your cash. Next I would stick with the major producers (Celestron, Meade and Skywatcher) and I would probably go for a dobsonian newtonian reflector as this will yield the largest aperture for your bucks, and the more aperture at your disposal the more light you can collect and therefore the more detail you will be able to resolve. You state a budget of £200 and off the top of my head will enable you to purchase a Skywatcher Skyliner 150P which is a great performer and popular among many members here. Given your choice of targets I would however recommend that you save a little more and increase your budget a little so as to obtain the Skywatcher Skyliner 200P as it will provide you with the necessary extra light gathering ability to help you see structure on deep sky objects (DSO's) such as galaxies etc. Eight inches of aperture and above is in my opinion, a light gathering capability that will make a difference to your observing detail and structure though others might well have a different opinion. The 200P is the UK's best selling scope and for good reason and therefore will more than likely yield a better resale value should you decide to later upgrade. Hope that helps but I would suggest you post your question over on the beginners equipment section as more people visit there.

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Welcome t SGL.

The advise given to you so far has been great.

Enjoy your stay.

That#s really good to know Kendg, This forum is proving worthy already, i look forward to learning more and sharing my experiences and findings.

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Welcome to SGL.

As has been mentioned on the above the Dob's are by far one of the best options. The 200mm (8'') get the best reviews in its viewing capability for both palnetary as well as stellar and DSO.

If there is an astronomy group near you, go along. People will be able to offer and maybe even show you their set ups and that could save you making errors.

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