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Rekindling an interest in astronomy.

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Hi all,

I've always had an interest in astronomy and was lucky enough to be a small child during the Apollo moon missions. Due to some of my interests I'm lucky enough to spend time out under star filled skies away from the light pollution. I would observe the sky with a pair of binoculars or my DSLR to enhance the view, but never really got serious about astronomy, until my wife bought me a telescope kit for my birthday a couple of years ago.

The kit gave reasonable results, but nothing I could say was inspiring. Part of the problem was that I couldn't polar align the equatorial mount properly, due to inexperience and the collimation wasn't adjusted correctly.

Earlier this year we were unlucky enough to suffer a small house fire, although it did minimal damage to the house, my telescope was damaged. Damaged enough to warrant a replacement. So by adding a bit of extra money I'm now the proud owner of a Orion Optics VX8 (with a1/10 mirror upgrade) on an EQ5 mount. I've also added the Synscan goto kit, a Christmas present to myself. The weak link is the eye pieces from the old scope, but I intend to address this issue once I've trawled the forum for advice.

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welcome along from just down the road duck!...where abouts are you? there's a few on here from s-o-t area...

I live on Norton Heights. Not a bad view of the skies from my small garden in the North and east. Very limited light pollution. But turn south I look right across the city. And I've got Bob hope of a westerly view. There's a 3 storey house in the way.

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