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Hi from Inverness

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Hello everyone, after following this site for a good while, and recently joining, I have finally decided to say hello.

I have been very impressed with the info on the site and the friendly way in which it is given to the newbies (me).

At this time all I have for viewing is a pair of 7 x 50 binoculars but I am planning to pull the pin and get myself an 8" DOB. (Xmas money burning a hole in my pocket.)

I do have a question about it, is there much difference between the Orion, Skywatcher and Revelation, or is it just personal preference. I am tending towards the Revelation as the hardware appears to be a bit better quality.

I am also aware that I can be stung by excessive delivery charges. (A city with an international airport, harbour and depots for Parcel Force, FedEx,TNT,UPS,DPD and others is NOT a remote area)and so shy away from companies who do not class Inverness as part of mainland UK.

Thanks for reading, apologies for rant, and clear skies.


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Hi and welcome to the SGL.

The dreaded IV postcode?

I bought my scope from OVL Opitcal Vision Limited, only a tenner p&p! You need to speak to the vendors, and only Royal Mail will see you as UK mainland. Not sure if our site sponsor can match or better the postal deal? Dont ask, dont get?

From my signature, Im very happy with my setup, it works for me. There is a club near the Culloden battlefield, maybe a trip there may show you what can be achieved with their telescope or members scopes.

Any of the 8" scopes will be a good buy, some may have so called better focusers, dual speed ect, but if your only interested in visual asttonomy, I recommend a Dobsonian mounted scope. If you want to image, then you' ll need a bigger budget?

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Welcome to SGL.

The 8'' Dob gets very good reviews from site members, It is as close to a good all rounder for visual as you will get. Dont ditch the bins...I often use mine when the skies are variable and all you have is a few minutes of clear skies at a time.

Invest in a copy of Turn Left at Orion. Again a book that gets consistant good reviews here. It will give you many objects to view complete with star maps for bins, a small refractor and a 6-8'' reflector. It includes good finder maps and the illustrsartions are hand drawn and show what you would actually see rather than a long exposure image.

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Welcome to SGL! 8" dobs offer fabulous value for money and a lot can be seen with that sort of aperture. +1 for Baggywrinkle's comment re keeping the binoculars; you'll find you reach for those frequently and get just as much enjoyment from them.


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Hello and a warm welcome to the SGL. I have the skywatchers Dob and I am very pleased with it. The optics in all 3 are likely to be the same, so you pays your money and takes your choice. Do speak to FLO. They are a really good company to deal with and the after purchase service they provide is excellent.

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Hi again all, thanks for your replies and your suggestions.

I am going to try and get myself to the local astro club at Culloden (second Tues in Jan) and see what happens then.

As for books, I have ordered second hand older editions of "the Cambridge Star Atlas" and "Norton's Star Atlas", using the logic that the stars have not moved much since they were published. :)

Again, thank you all.

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