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Neq6 mount Alt Dec adjusters


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Been setting my new neq6 mount up and a quick question on the Alt Dec bolt adjusters how tight do you have them against each other because I can tighten the one in under the polarscope to centre Polaris in the cross hairs but then start to wind bar end adjuster in and it moves star off cross straight away so try to tighten up Alt again and it won't move,also very awkward below polarscope and wound in long way for 52 degress so not very easy to do so do I slacken off bar end adjuster till it just moves off cross or get the updated adjusters before thread goes on mount.

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Be careful with these adjusters. The way they contact the metal inside is a very poor idea mechanically. It is easily possible to bend the bolts as they tend to slide off the contact position inside where you cannot see. If you over tighten you can end up with the bolt so bent as to make it almost impossible to extract the bolt in future or allow any adjustment. Slacken one and tighten the other in very small increments. Below is an example of far too much tightening.


This is what the bolts are adjusting inside the mount. The bolts just slide further down or up as the altitude is adjusted. A very bad method. There are plenty of aftermarket fixes for this, but at added cost.



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You can get replacement hard steel bolts to replace the soft steel ones. But you still have to be careful so you don't strip the thread inside the mount. They are a tad dear but however they do work very well:


And the elevation bolt has a ratchet making it easier to operate under the polar scope. Hth :)

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