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(Yet Another) Crab Nebula - WIP

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The weather has been appalling since I got my latest scope (TS 12" RC) and mount (Mesu200) earlier this year. I have managed to get the 'scope reasonably well collimated although it still needs fettling to get it bang on and the mount is now tracking and guiding well.

This is is a WIP of M1 taken at a focal length of 2032mm during infrequent gaps in the clouds during the last month using the above setup and an Atik383L guided with a Lodestar X2 through an Atik OAG. I need lots more data, especially colour and a night or two with good seeing wouldn't hurt but, making the best of a bad job I decided to try to process the image.

It is amazing how much one can forget about image processing techniques in a couple of years of inactivity so I have done the best I can as I re-learn techniques that used to be familiar.

L:    9 x 600s unbinned

R:    5x 600s bin 2x2

G:    4x 600s bin 2x2

B:    3x 600s bin 2x2

(The mismatch in colour exposures was not intentional but because of lost exposures to poor guiding due to clouds)

Resolution of the stacked luminance was roughly 2.4 arc-seconds. Processing in Pixinsight.



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