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Binning narrow band filters!


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Even if everyone said 'no' I'd still try it! That's how this game works. (I thought the thirty minute luminance sub was a whacky idea of Yves' but I now use it regularly.)

I guess the problem will be a mismatch in stellar sizes (and shapes.) If you can get to be very good at star masking and star reduction then I think you might get it to play quite happily.


Edit John's use of the unbinned Ha as Lum makes perfect sense as a way to re-impose good stellar shape on the whole image.

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O.k. guys, I get that....so you can (with the expertise Olly refers to) mix unbinnned and binned sub's.

I guess I was hoping that the resolution lost when binning the colour would be replaced when you remix in the Ha at 1x1.


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its target specific as is all imaging, id not want to loose resolution of a certain filter, if it responds well on that target, if its a weak single for that filter then it could be advantageous, try and see.

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