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Another newbie question concerning Modded cameras (canon 550d)

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Hi, so I have a modded 550d canon camera, I understand I either need a uv/ir clip in filter or external in order to obtain image clarity in a refractor telescope. However, these filters are not needed in a regular reflector due to the way light is emitted. My question is, do I need a external uv/ir filter for the canon efs lens since the astronomik clip in filter I intend to buy does not work on the efs lens? Or can I simply use the modded 550d canon with efs 18-55mm 55-250 lens on regular tripod for images of the mily way, maybe a few lower magnitude clusters , constellations , etc, ? I would imagine the uv/ir filter is only a necessity for refractors.

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The star-bloating problem occurs with anything with lenses in - refractors and camera lenses.

Reflectors don't work by refracting the light, so aren't affected.

If your 550D has had both filters removed - a "Full Spectrum" mod - watch out for bloating with refractors.

If it's only had the "Infrared Cut Filter" removed, you're good to go with anything.


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