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Pleiades - The Seven Sisters ( Messier 45 )

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Pleiades - The Seven Sisters ( Messier 45 ) by Mike O'Day ( 500px.com/mikeoday )

Still not entirely happy with this one - I ran out of time to get a set of longer exposures during the short period I had with Pleiades high enough above the Northern horizon ( 30 deg peak altitude from my location ) and since then the weather and moon have conspired against me!


Pleides in the Taurus Constellation ( Messier 45 ) by Mike O'Day ( 500px.com/MikeODay )

Pleides ( aka The Seven Sisters ) is visible to the naked eye low in the northen skies in the early summer of the Southern Hemisphere.

It is bright open cluster of hundreds of blue stars in clouds of nebulosity that are relatively close to earth at around 430 light years distance.





Messier 45 - RA 3h 48m, Dec -24deg 10'.

Skywatcher Quattro 10" f4 Newtonian.

Skywatcher AZ Eq6 GT Mount.

Orion Short Tube 80mm guide scope & auto guider - PHD2.

Baader MPCC Mark 3 Coma Corrector & UHC-S 'nebula' filter.

Nikon D5300 (unmodified).

Field of view (deg) ~ 1.35 x 0.90.

Combination of 80 images from 4 sec @ ISO100 through to 40 sec @ ISO 800.

Pixinsight & Photoshop

17 October 2015

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Thats a VERY nice image... Well done

Cheers, much appreciated.

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Lovely image of an old favourite. Thanks for posting.

Thanks, much appreciated.



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      Now you're ready to Flock 'N' Roll! 👍🏻

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      4. Finished flocking and close up during application so you can see contrast/reflection comparison of before and after.

      All in all only took around an hour so not a hard job as long as you prepare and concentrate! I ordered one sheet of 45cm x 1m material which was plenty, however if your not as confident you'll get it right first time then order 2m so you have more to spare if you need to start again. 
      Looks great, so as always I now just need clear skies to go play and see the difference it makes! 
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