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Dpreview.com, but watch out, some are not as friendly as on here. Most don't reply to first posts and most of the time an argument breaks out on threads.

I can attest to that!


Nice community here.

TP isn't bad, much better than DPReview, but compared to SGL it will seem like a school playground...i.e. a fight waiting to start.

I once posted a message on TP...what prompted it was seeing a review (that was printed in poor quality newsprint magazine using a thumbnail sized image) of a camera comparing its RAW and JPG quality...what I stated is that the JPG image is derived from the RAW image so technically speaking if you can't get the same JPG "quality" from your RAW file after processing then your camera can process images better then you...it turned quite nasty...but it is 100% fact. People don't like fact.

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I'd highly recommend here on SGL in the Photography section. There are some expert amateur and not so amateur guys that are only too willing to share their experience and knowledge, and never is there even a hint of derision, just plain good advice, and this is 'what I did to achieve this' help type replies.

Here on SGL I have found that people actually want to help me get the best out of my kit and forays into photography and never do I feel inadequate due to budget or lack of ability.

Kudos and thanks to the guys and forum Moderator, who have helped me on my continuing journey.


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