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ic1805 Heart Neb in Ha

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Fighting with Moon and Cloud tonight, I was hoping to get some OIII data as well as this Ha channel but it's not looking very likely at the moment. So I'll post just the Ha stack for now.

Scope: Televue NP127is @ 660mm f/l
CCD: Moravian G4-16000 @ 1x1
Mount: 10-Micron GM2000HPS
Guide: unguided
Fitlers: Chroma Ha 3nM
Data: 8 x 1200s


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Thanks Steven and Pete, ;-)

Thanks Sara, that's the first time I've ever managed to get all of the Heart in one image - in fact the first time I've imaged all of the Heart at all (I don't do mosaics ;-) )

Chris, It looks better on astrobin but still not convinced it's looks as sharp as the jpg on my monitor. Oh well.

I spent 2 hours waiting for the clouds to part so I could catch some OIII photons, that was a waste of time and I was forced to give up at 2am. Next time maybe (when the Moon has gone away).


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Thanks Laudropb and Barry ;-)

I mentioned above that I thought the astrobin full res version was 'missing something' and indeed it is. I downloaded the full res image off astrobin and pasted the relevant section of the original jpg that I uploaded next to it. There is no doubt it has been subject to further compression which has reduced quality :-(



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Yes there's a considerable difference in the two images you show above - the compression issues with the Astrobin version are clear to see. Maybe it needs to be loaded in a different format in Astrobin?

Nevertheless it's a cracking good image of the Heart nebula, and will no doubt look fabulous in colour, so if ever the pesky clouds relent soon, we look forward to seeing added OIII data as well.


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Thanks Martin, the chances are not looking good to add anything to it for a couple of weeks at least. I had read assurances (somewhere) that astrobin do not re-compress uploads and the images are presented as they were uploaded. Either that was.. untrue, or something has changed. Astrobin is moving to a subscription service in the new year but there's no way I'm paying for it if this is the standard. I'll have to sort out my Weebly web page which I haven't done anything with to date.


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