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2 Type LPR filter buying help

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I am really confused 

what should I do



I found both to have different name but do same work

I want to buy for low light to more but nt that much pollution city so which should I choose 5-20% pollution at max

and is there any difference with any of these with this http://www.skywatcher-india.com/Product/ProductSpecFeature/212

I am about to order this

Thats why

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I don't know either of those filters but a UHC filter (if that is what it is) is not a light pollution reduction filter.

In the 1st product description you link to the company uses the term "BANDMATE NEBULARSTAR" in it's description. Tele Vue have a patented filter called a "Bandmate Nebustar" and this company (Solomark) seems deliberately to be trying to imply that this might be the same or a similar filter which I'm fairly sure it is not.

The above misleading inaccuracies alone would make me a bit wary of products that have the "Solomark" branding I'm afraid.

It would be much more helpful if they could publish the light band pass specficiations for the filters. It would be much easier to work out what type of filter thay actually are.

Perhaps try and find some better known brands such as Baader, Orion, Meade, Celestron, Lumicon, Astronomik etc, etc and you can be more confident on getting a decent product and also what it is intended for.

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