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The Jellyfish. Have data, will process!


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A cracking run of good nights this week. One project was this one, on which we could run the dual Taks and the TEC140, making for a data-fest of 32 hours in just three nights.

The breakdown:

TEC 140, 2-panel in Ha 7 nm, just uneder 5 hours per panel.

Ha 3nm, 5.2 Hrs.

OIII, Tak, 8 Hrs.

L, Tak, 5 Hrs

RGB 1.5 Hrs per filter.

I didn't know about the OIII shell round the SN remnant but I'm glad we shot OIII for sure.

Processed in AstroArt, PI, Ps, Straton and Registar.



Edit. Forgot the link to a bigger one... https://ollypenrice.smugmug.com/Other/Best-of-Les-Granges/i-GnQL2fV/0/O/IC443%20HaOIIILRGB%2027%20web.jpg

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You've controlled those two pesky bright stars really well and it all looks very natural compared to the NB ones I usually see! 

I like it :)

They are a bit bright, it's true! I de-starred the OIII in Straton before applying it, too.



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No, I don't know this person at all! I'll visit Mr Google...


Your "have data - will process" made me suspect a subtle parallel to literature wich a sci-fi theme! I thought that you with your caption were thinking about a book by Robert Heinlein; Have spacesuit - will travel. Sorry! Maybe I've read too many sci-fi books:-)

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