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NGC891, is a nice spiral galaxy edge on from our perspective. I always wanted to try this one, and finally I got a chance yesterday. A short one though!

This one is processed on a new monitor, so hopefully the colour and balance is ok. 

You can spot at least 5 more galaxies in the lower left part of the image. 

Total of 30 mins. 

3 min subs. 

Canon 1100d modded

Skywatcher 190mn

NEQ6 Pro

Guided with finderguider+qhy5



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Here is a total rework of the image I posted earlier. Used a form of light DDP in IRIS, and then worked from there. I think it looks better now, with a better hint of the dust around the galaxy. Interesting is that you also can see spiral galaxy NGC906 and NGC909 in lower left corner. I am now happy with the data I have dug up from these 30 mins of exposure.  

Still struggling with the background and noise, but with more subs it should be alright. 

What do you think? Criticism or tips is more than welcome! 


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Great image, and I have to say I much prefer the first process.

Personal opinion of course, but I prefer the galaxy colour in the first image but the star colour in the second! There seems to be much more background noise in the second process though.

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