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CCD First Images - Heart Neb/Wizard Neb

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A good effort. Stick with it and try gathering more data for that target. You'll be amazed how the detail starts to emerge. 

Some CCD imagers here don't even start to process until they have 10 hours worth of data. Try grabbing 4 - 10 hours and see the difference.

I have a similar set up to you (ED80, HEQ5, guided, 460ex CCD) and settled on 15 mins subs earlier this year (my first CCD season). I found it a balance between getting a good 15 min sub or a ruined 20 min sub (guiding error, wind, aircraft, other issues). The longer the subs take the shoot, the more valuable they become  :grin:, and the more disappointing if you lose them.

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