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Slight apologies but for AP the mount has to be Equatorial - the EQ3 is that - but the mount also needs to have at least dual motors to track the object and the reality is that goto is better.

One other bit is that (at least in the UK) the EQ3 tends not to come with a poalr scope so assuming the same in Aus you would need to get one as well as the rest.

I mention this as AP tends to have basic minimum requiements, many would say the EQ3 is too lightweight for AP but I equally suspect that there are different levels of AP and that with a little thought and care results are obtainable.

Any clubs around Melbourne (think that is where you mentioned), seeing things in the flesh is a great help.

Could you make it to this group: http://asv.org.au/

Looks pretty big but they have loan scopes for members I assume and that means you could borrow a scope to use for a while until your way forward becomes more apparent. Also clubs often have members selling equipment, and ava seem to have an AP section. I looked at the ava site and cannot drag out detail such as where they gather.

Another is: http://www.astromelb.i.net.au/index.htm

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