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hi all this has taken quite a while to get.

HA   -   9 hours at 900 sec each
OIII - 4.5 hours at 900 sec each
S2   -   4 hours at 900 sec each
rgb  -   2 hours at 120 sec and 180 sec each channel 
total 23.5 hours
Skywatcher 200 pds - Atik 383l Baader filters (NB & RGB) - skywatcher az eq6 gt - guided with a finder/guider.
it has taken over 9 weeks to collect the data for this object last subs 6/11/2015
this image is now finished as far as i am concerned i am very pleased with this now  especially with the Light pollution around where i am.
thanks for looking and all cc welcome.
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thanks Sarge.

the more OIII you get the less noise you will have but you can use a little bit of noise reduction on the OIII and the S2 without losing detail

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