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I want to fit a Red Dot Finder to my scope and also have the 9 x 50 finder.

I therefore need to fit the Red Dot 'shoe' to the scope.

I havethe show but want to know what the best way to drill the OTA is. Also what do I do about not getting the bits/'dust' on the mirrors (both primary and secondary).

Do I need to use a powerdrill or will just screwing the screw with a screw driver work, are OTA skins very thick.

Probably a stupid question.

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Hi beamer, If you are fitting the red dot shoe with micro bolts and nuts,

(3-4mm), then you would need a decent cordless drill-driver, and a NEW drill bit.

Invert the OTA so that the aperture is pointing to the floor, so that the swarf(?)

can drop to the ground, and not you-know-where!

as for self-tappers, you may have to exert quite a bit of pressure to get even the sharpest of screws to bite, and then you risk imploding the side of the tube,

or putting a slight indentation in it.

IMHO, I would opt for the Micro bolt and nut method, which can be found in any

modelling shop, or source 1 or 2 from an unused kiddies toy!, have found several nuts and bolts small enough for loads of finicky jobs like that!

Secondly, remember the golden rule, "Measure twice, Drill once!"


Nick........ :idea1:

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Thanks Aries.

I have the shoe and the nuts as/bolts as I am planning on removing the finder from my 130PM and transfering it to my Explorer 200.

I will defo go the drill route and will defo take care.

Good idea to turn the OTA upside down, I always worry the mirror will fall out.

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