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Out of this world (literally)

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thanks for the link.  This will be used later on today as we teach our kids at home.:)

Ian whilst I identify with your comment about feelings of insignificance, I remember a novel, 'Healer' (F.Paul Wilson?) where in one scene the protagonist is making similar comments about how we, as a race are seemingly nothing compared with the universe.  The other replies that it is far from it because we are able to experience the universe, we are able to explore the worlds around us, we are able to participate etc.  So I suppose what I read is that size doesn't matter as we are "...all star stuff..."  :)

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Of course, in order for us to have evolved (and stars to make the stuff we are made of, and that the planet is made of, and life get going etc..), quite a lot of time had to pass, which means, in the meantime, the Universe got very large indeed. One wouldn't expect intelligent life to find itself in a "small"/young universe - but all this "just for us to be here to see it" - wow!


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