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I was wondering if there was any point on having a section on your experiences ( good or bad ) with dealers. Who would you recommend? Have you had any problems, non delivery / no response to queries, goods not as described.?

I see that a few other forums have similiar features, as some off our imagers who use the UKAI site know.


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Although I heard their boss is a bit of a git.

A git? I don't believe it.

From the dealers point, I suppose they should be able to post about good / bad customers.


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Stockport bino and telescope are very good i found the repair service is Excellent rick is very good with most repairs and a top man.

Yes i have had dealing with Stockport Bino and Telescopes in the past and have found them an excellent shop and staff no box shifters there.

James :lol:

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Hi All,

Great to deal with - friendly advice etc.

Scopenskies (Maria) / Sherwoods (Matt) / Scopestuff (Jim) / Altair Astro (Nick) / Venture scope (Ninian) / Modern Astronomy (bern) / OVL

Not so good to deal with - Poor service / not happy to advise.

SCS Astro (if only Orion USA knew!!).

Green Witch (funny one to deal with.. never call you back!)

David Hinds comes somewhere in the middle!!!



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Just tried Beacon Hill Telescopes to see if they could sort out a counter weight for my Tal (not available on its own). Barry is bending over backwards to sort this out cheaply and couldn't have been more helpful. Have had a good look at there site. Looks like high quality kit at increadibly reasonable prices. Worth a look for anyone after a robust, non goto mount or a newtonian.

Bern at modern astronomy, patience and serious expertise.


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