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The speed of light seems slow by comparison

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I do not think this kind of pseudoscientifc drivel has a place on SGL

We discuss these cases at length in the moderator sub-forum, and do not censure people just because they antagonize one particular mod (tempting though this may be ). As can be seen in the thread, I (

We should both take 100 lines; "I must not feed the trolls".

and behind the ...and have others listen to it... is to have others recognise the importance / power of said individual and of course to have others act accordingly in the individuals presence.  The nature of power as experienced by Homo Sap.


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If your statement were true, our eyes would be burned out of our heads by the amount of light coming from the sun and our bodies would be fried by the amount of heat. Heat and light are one.

The cold of space robs light of its heat and light. The photons or waves of light emitted by the sun, are 10,000° plus. By the time that they hit earth, they are a cool hundred degrees or less.

Once the cold of space has robbed the photon of it light and it's heat, the only thing left is it's electric and magnetic energy.

EDEE,  why would our eyes be burned - what do you mean by "amount"  of light, are you talking about irradiance?  You are making a number of oversimplifications re "heat and light are one" yes infra red is part of the EM spectrum and has a longer wavelength to visible light.  But what do you mean when you say "cold space" robs light of heat - what heat are you referring to and by what mechanism would it be robbed?  To say that the only thing that is left of light is electric and magnetic energy is also confusing - light propagates through space-time as a disturbance of the magnetic and electric field.  I'm also not entirely sure what you mean by the "speed of sight" - it may be useful if you could put some definition to that.  As far as the speed of light itself is concerned and its place as the cosmic speed limit there is nothing special about light or rather the EM spectrum or any other massless particle for that matter.  The speed limit is determined by the properties of space-time itself, specifically the permittivity and permeability of free space, really nothing to do with light itself.  The Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell established the relationships regarding the speed of light which subsequently laid the foundations for Albert Einstein and his theories. Maxwell's equations are a good starting point for anyone wishing to explore this area further.

Post note - sorry I didn't read the subsequent posts.  Funny but this thread is a bit like the discussion we often have in the classroom.  It is useful to explore these ideas but by challenging with a call for further explanation behind the conclusions.  

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