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C8 or C9.25 - handling the OTA

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I'm looking at buying a Celestron AVX with either 9.25 or 8 OTA, but am worried about being able to handle the weight of the 9.25 (9.07kgs). It's 3.5kgs heavier than the C8, and I'd be assembling and taking apart each evening to/from the garage. The difference in weight doesn't sound much, but I do have a very weak left shoulder so would like to know how easy it is to mount the OTA. For example does it have handles to help - can't see any on the photos from Celestron's website. Many thanks

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Hi I`ve got the 9.25,and its quite a handful,but i [like so many others] carry it outside....There is a handle at the bottom of the tube,and i have seen other users carry it just by that,myself i use two hands;one on the handle one wrapped around the tube.If your thinking of getting one as a package... the avx is good,slightly heavier than the tube which is good for stabilliy,but if you get a c8,its the same mount;also the 9.25 gives more light gathering than the c8.As for a weak shoulder, I waited for a hip replacement for quite a while and walking up& down stairs was a struggle with the tube,but just took my time.Whatever you choose they both have their pros & cons. Des 

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Get the scope that will get the most use. I have owned a C925 for two and a half years. I use it with a EQ 6 mount. I have only used this set up three times at star party's only. I find it far to time consuming to set up for some mid week observing. It's not just the weight of the OTA but also you have to carry the mount out side polar align,add weights,and balance set up. This probably doesn't sound to bad if you are new to the hobby or getting your first scope setting up equipment like this is a good learning curb and you will be as keen as mustard.

Go for the lighter OTA it will defiantly get more use. My most used set up is my old mak newt on a sky tee II. That set up doesn't owe me a penny.

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I have a slipped disc and the C9.25 is fairly comfortable - I sold my 250mm Newt because it was too much bulk.

The C9.25 is easy to manoeuvre; just hold the tube with your right hand and the carry handle with your left, it will then fit into the mount easily and you can tighten the bolts with your right hand - simples :)

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