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Halloween special.....or Fireball night!

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Continuing on from my other meteor thread.

I woke up at 4.30am for some unknown reason, so decided to get up for a coffee and check the meteor cams.

91 meteors on East cam

82 meteors on West cam

77 meteors on South cam

50 meteors on North cam.

My North cam suffers most from light pollution so captures are generally less than the other 3. That being said, My North cam captured the best meteors of the night. As well as the fireball I mentioned in my other post, I also got these.

The first is another mag -4.2 Northern Taurid with yet another double terminal flare as it burned up in the atmosphere.

01-11-21 am


And finally a Mag -5.4 Draconid. The skies were becoming murky at this point with less stars visible, so the magnitude estimate may not be entirely accurate. None the less, it is still a notable capture.

02-40-38 am


Maybe Halloween is a spooky night after all.

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