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where can I get the rubber attatchment to  fit on to my lenses as I find it difficult to use/focus my 6mm & 12mm lenses as I wear glasses , I have tried using them without my glasses but I am still having problems & I thought that if they had rubber ends like some binoculars I would find my scope easier to use .

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They don't all come with eye cups. As far as I know you cannot get them to fit if your eps don't have them. there would need to be a groove around the top in the first instnce however I've never seen replacement ones.  The only thing I suggest is  you contact the manufacturer.

If its any consolation I suffer from the same problem. The eps I have are Meade 5000 series Ultra Wide Angle ones which have twist up rubber eye cups.

Just another thought if you have veri-focal specs get some single vision ones for astronomy, it is very difficult to focus with vari-focals.

Unless you suffer from astigmatism you would be better without the specs.

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