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Looks like I might be getting a DSLR for Xmas :D, I was wondering if the 100d would be ok for AP? I would be using the Camera in the daytime too, so I wouldn't want to mod it or anything. Portability is very important and the 100d is pretty small. Most likely it will be mated with an ST80 to begin with or just used piggy backed for wide angle shots to see If I can do anything with it. 

Any thoughts welcome. 


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I've used it quite a lot for daytime photography, not so much for AP due to the weather! It's a great camera! Spent about 5 hours wandering around the streets of Manchester doing Street photography yesterday and not one did it become a burden! It produces great results and I don't think the battery is that bad for what I do. But you'll have to see if you like the grip in your hand. My hands are small enough to hold it but I find it a lot comfier to wrap the neck strap round my hand when holding it as it adds onto the grip. But overall I really recommend it!

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