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First light with SW Evostar ED80.


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I bought a SW Evostar 80ED refractor back in early September and below is the result of its first use for imaging. It's a lovely scope. I really like it, as I know many others do.

This is the result of 37 x 300s (guided) images @ ISO400 with my unmodded Canon 450D taken over two seperate sessions on the nights of 5 & 6 September. The image was processed with darks, flats and bias.

It has taken me a while to get around to be anything like satisfied with the post processing. The image is rather noisy and I've had to over stretch it really to do it justice. But M31 is a tricky beast because the core is so bright compared to the rest of the galaxy. Comments welcome.


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This is excellent particularly for an unmodded camera. Lack of severe light pollution is evident. I have taken the liberty of trying to colour balance and increase the saturation in the Yellow/Red channel without making it too noisy in PS but working from a copy of a  jpeg is not ideal . Your RED channel was also heavily clipped . Hope you approve.

Kind Regards,



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Thanks all for comments.

Lensman57 - yes, play away. I quite like your revised colour balance. I think mine is a bit green in the peripheral regions of the galaxy.

The image was taken in north Cornwall under reasonably non-polluted skies. I certainly couldn't take 5 minute subs in Oxfordshire. Even so I've balanced the background from reddish to blackish.

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