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Revelation 8" F/6 Premium Dobsonian - Un-Boxing

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Well, my Revelation 8” f/6 “Premium Dobsonian” arrived today and I thought I jot down a few thoughts from the unboxing.

First that struck me was the size of the thing – OK no great shakes to all you 12”+ Dob owners, but to me it appears massive.

The second thing is the quality of the construction: It's good, very good.

The base is the usual particle board, and none the worse for that, but has a large diameter roller bearing for the azimuth movement, in place of the usual teflon pads, resulting in a very smooth action. Likewise, the altitude bearings/tension adjusters are CNC machined from solid aluminium. Very impressive and they appear to be of superb quality. Likewise the dual speed Crayford focuser.

The bundled accessories aren't to be sniffed at either: A 2” 30mm GSO “Superview” eyepiece and a 9mm GSO Plossl. They even include a 35mm focuser extender.

Overall, the build quality appears to be several notches above the usual for a scope in this price range.

Following assembly, a quick play with the Cheshire Eyepiece showed that the scope was pretty much collimated out of the box – a quick tweak of the primary and it was spot on.

I even dragged it outside for a quick look at some nearby trees. A very nice, bright image even at 120x – but I guess that's the benefit of aperture. Doing this, I was quite impressed with the bundled 2” eyepiece: A nice, wide field that was sharp across most of the field, only going soft at the very edge. Using it, I could individual veins in the leaves of a tree about 200 yards away.

I'm very satisfied so far, let's hope it's as good under the night sky!

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I used to have a Revelation 8 dob - it was a nice scope. Hope you enjoy using yours :smiley:

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Very nice. It looks better than the

Skywatcher one. Where did U end

up getting it from.


Ordered from Telescope House on Thursday night (so really Friday morning) and delivered on Monday.

I really can't fault that service.

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Lovely scope Deejay.

My 12" Revelation from Telescope Hopuse arrived last week and I've been delighted with it.

They are fabulous scopes for the money.

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Had exactly the same Dob until a few months ago and still miss it ! A few modifications that sooner or later you may be interested in:

1) Replaced the primary mirror collimation springs (originals were too weak) with stronger ordered from Bob's Knobs

2) Replaced the secondary mirror Parker screws with bolts (no need for a dangerous screwdriver falling)

3) Moved the finderscope farther away from focuser to give room for a Telrad

4) A handle to carry the OTA around.





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Very nice!  I assembled my 10-inch Revelation last night, also from Telescope House.  I agree, the build quality is excellent, in my opinion a cut above the Skywatcher 250p I had previously, and cheaper as well!  The secondary needed tweaking out of the box, made difficult by the fact the central screw had been wrenched up really tight, but otherwise a straight forward setup.

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