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First Light with the QSI - NGC7000 & IC5067


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A few firsts on this one..

Managed to dodge the clouds & showers Sat night & grab First Light for the QSI683wsg-8 & Astrodons, my first mosaic and first time I've bothered to image these targets as I've never been able to fit them in!

This was just supposed to be a couple of test targets to get an idea of the FOV & flatness but I got kinda hooked in processing & ended up putting them together. So there's a bit of cropping as it wasn't planned. This really is a nice camera.. what a difference after years with the faithful 314's.

Think I'm hooked on hoovering up the sky now... this is most definitely a work in progress..

Only calibration is Bias. No Darks or Flats

NGC7000 6x900

IC5067 7x900

Astrodon 5nm Ha


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Thank you all for the comments. I really was only intending to mess about with these subs. The Moon was up & even between clouds there was still a thin higher layer. However, when I started playing I realised how much easier it seemed. I think I've stripped some of the nebulosity being a bit eager with DBE but I'm surprised about the lack of noise I was expecting to have to live with having been used to a Sony chip. Cant wait for the Moon to go & skies to clear now..

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Well done, I was doing the exact same thing last having my first go with QSI683 and Astrodons and WO Star 71, same conditions cloud and Moon and just messing about to see what was possible, took a few HA subs of the Heart Nebula and it frames it nicely, looking forward to a nice dark clear night now.


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Cheers... It's so frustrating waiting for the Moon & this endless cloud to naff off after seeing how good this CCD is!!

Having been back to process some of my data from the 314L+'s I now realise how much easier & pleasurable this one was to deal with. I certainly think the resolution is a much better match to the Esprit. Whilst this one was running in the Obsy I also set up the HEQ5 with the other Esprit, a 314L+ and a Baader 3.5nm. Pointed it at the Pelican (or as much as I could fit in) & grabbed 3 hours (periodically dashing out to cover it up!). Having had a look through them after processing this I'm not sure its even worth it. I should do really I suppose to post a comparison under same conditions but I need to build up some courage to attack processing them after this one! Now I have something else to compare them with I can see the 314 performs better on my longer FL scopes over sampled than on the shorter ones under sampled.. if that makes sense..

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