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Pluto a Planet?


Do you think Pluto should be classed as a Planet?  

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  1. 1. Do you think Pluto should be classed as a Planet?

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Would they send a rocket billions of kilometres, over nine years, for something that isn't a planet? QED!

True Warthog...

Nasa's not the governing body. The IAU is, and they've decided already.
I know Astroman just wanted to set the poll off :lol:
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I personally think Pluto should be classed as a planet esp out of respect for Dr. Clyde Tombaugh who did so much for Astronomy. But not just that Pluto looks and acts like a planet does esp if compared to Mercury, i think there has to be a line drawn were we go on renaming classification on objects i mean will it be one day Earth is the only planet in out solar system? Seems a little pradantic to me IMHO.


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The fact still remains that Pluto is classed as a planet BUT this does not mean its going to remain in this class it may well be downgraded to a Dwarf Planet status this is in the light of the fact another body has been found almost 3 times its size nearly as big as our own moon and it has satalites orbiting it as well and it has a very elongated orbit around the Sun this body at the moment is known by the name UB313 and of course yet another planet like body has also been put forwards recently for augument that its the 11th Planet where's it all going to end?

more exiciting times are unfolding what a great time to be living in

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I still think there's some argument for classifying the Moon as a planet. It is bigger than Pluto, not too far off Mercury, and if it were orbiting in the inner planets, independently, we'd call it a planet. It is big enough to move the centre of rotation of the two planets significantly away from the Earth's axis. What more do you want, eh? We are part of a double planet system.

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Thats another can of worms WH. However as you stated Planet staus will only be considered if the body is independant from other Planets

One such body that definately seems once to have been accurately known as a Planet is now trapped by the gas giant Neptune

it is trapped in its gravity but it goe's around it the wrong way this moon is Triton its thought that it formed elsewhere and is like our moon a combination of two bodys colliding this maybe is why its known to be volcanic due to such forces occurred

don't ya just love it? :lol::(:p

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