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Hey guys! How are you? Ive been asking myself these few days, why i cant see the moon it was 4 nights i couldnt see it. But today i saw it. So why it ,,disappeared"?

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The moon presently is East of the sun, and in the very early stage of it's waxing phase. Look for it in the West early evenings.

It will progress gradually  Eastward  day after day, and grow in illumination, until it reaches full illumination, which is not the best time to view it

as far as the detail standing out in sharp relief. When it start to wane, the shadows will again begin to show in the craters, but it gets to be later at night, and early mornings,

so you need to lose some sleep to get your observations in. Of cousre it is observable in daylight too, but the contrast is not very good under those conditions.

Great subject the Moon, so go for it, and I hope it stays good for you seeing wise.

Best wishes


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Get a moon calendar then you'll always know what phase it's in - most astronomers rejoice when the moons not up, gives you a better chance of seeing those fainter DSO's.

I bought a moon calendar for 2016. Besides having a different stunning image of the moon every month........It shows the lunar phase on a daily basis.

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