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Filter for an ST80?

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Im after a Baader solar film filter for my ST80. I want one of the astrozap ones, as I am far too idle to make my own :p. Outer dewshield is 100mm, I'm assuming the ED80 of FLO would fit, though it states 104mm?? 

Hope someone can help.


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Being completely honest, as good as the film is, I'd recommend you watch out for a used 1.25" Lunt Herschel wedge. the views will be better and you can use it with almost any size refractor. By the time you have bought this you will be a good way toward a used wedge.

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I recently purchased a kendrick solar filter , with diameter 95-105 to fit both my 70mm and 80mm scopes.

The outer diameter of the ST80 dew sheild is 100mm so the 104mm should fit, if it has adjustment screws to tighten 


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Some adhesive-backed flocking-paper can be used to tighten-up the fit of a front-end filter. That's what I've done to my solar-filter for my ST80. It's my dedicated solar-scope. I use a Thousand Oaks foil filter (Orion-USA) which shows the Sun as a orange-yellow color, rather than the white-image of the Baader offering. Some say it has lousy resolution by comparison - but it suits me well. That and a Baader Solar-Continuum filter to tease out granulation. These turn the image bright green. Takes some getting used to. Other folks use a green-filter to good effect, but the Baader works a bit better IMHO.

Whatever you decide - I can't emphasize strongly enough that one must have a tight-fitting solar-filter on the front-end if you go this route. Check it everytime you plan to take a look through the scope. Make it fit tightly so a stray breeze can't budge it.

To find the Sun and get it smack-on centered in your eyepiece, I use one of these simple gadgets:


Sunny skies -


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