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Review - Skywatcher ED80 Pro 2


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Having recently purchased this scope I have written this review after 3 observing sessions.

Telescope Focal Length: 600mm (f/7.5).

Supplied with brushed-aluminium hubs & rubber grip rings.

Fully multi-coated doublet objective Lens.

Single FPL-53 ED Fluorite Glass Objective Element

Supplied in Aluminium Carrying Case

Originally I was just going to purchase the ED80 Pro 1 setup which is the optical tube assembly only as I have a 2" diagonal and various eyepieces and finderscope in my astro box. However upon further investigation the ED80 Pro 2 is a complete "Boxed" set which includes a 9x50 finderscope, 2" diagonal, camera adapter and 5mm and 20mm eyepieces, tube rings and dovetail bar.

The eyepieces and finderscope are of better quality than I have at the moment, so I decided to purchase the complete set along with an HEQ5 Pro mount.

Having being used to moving an 8" Newtonian around I found the ED80 easy to transport and set up after Polar aligning the scope I was ready to go in 10min.

The focuser is a Crayford style which is smooth and shows no sign of backlash.

First target was M42 (NGC 1976 Orion Nebular) Using the 20mm LET eyepiece (30X Mag) the Nebular was bright and well defined, the central stars were just resolvable a very pleasing sharp, crisp view.

I increased the power to the 5mm eyepiece (120X Mag) and the trapezium was well defined and still crisp.

The next target was The Andromeda Galaxy M42 (NGC224). The galaxy was crisp and well defined in the 20mm LET eyepiece, a very nice object to observe with a low power telescope.

The following night I used the time to accurately Polar align the HEQ5 mount, then set about to observe, Mars and Saturn.

Mars was a dissapointment due to it's size, Saturn however was a different matter, quality optics make a difference. It was bright and pin sharp a very, very pleasing view.

The third session I concentrated on imaging. This is an area of astronomy where I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing!!

I basically screwed the camera on to the back of the ED80 , set the camera to 30 sec exposure and pressed the button!!

After some initial problems with focusing I set about imaging 3 targets for that night, The Orion Nebula, Pleiades and The Andromeda Galaxy.

I had a very successful night with the first two targets, however I managed to delete the only decent image of Andromeda that I had taken. The results of which are in the deep sky section.

To summarise I am extremely happy with the set up, the scope has a quality feel to it.

I primarily purchased it to piggy back on the 8" Newtonian for imaging - but I can see it becoming my regular "Grab and Go" set up.



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Sounds as though this a great scope, I know from experience up here on a clear night, and using the 80mm f5 I am amazed at what I can see, ok lacking detail and can't go to far with the magnifcation, before the dreaded fringes appear, I will be looking to put one on the shopping list.


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