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Any Astronomers or Imagers in or near King's Lynn?

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Sorry about this. It is a repost, but I have done it, because I think I had originally posted this in the wrong forum for beginners. This is the correct forum to post this message in.

Hey everyone  :smiley:  . I'm looking to team up with anyone in the King's Lynn area (Norfolk) who travels to near-by dark-sky sites to do astrophotography or just general dedicated visual observing.

I know there are clubs dedicated to out-reaching the public, but this is not quite so much what I am looking for. It would be great to find someone or a small group of experienced imager/s and/or observers who follow the so-called dark rules for instance, mostly red light torches, long hours, available most evenings cause they love the hobby so much, kinda thing. Not meaning to sound grubby here, but often, when observing I find my attention (for the most part) engrossed in star charts, contemplation, or setting up some pretty complex equipment (best done with not too many distractions, if you know what I mean). Small groups at most, or a good friend or two, for a hobby like this is my kind of setting.

I do not currently own a car, but would be more than happy to contribute towards fuel costs getting to and from a dark observing site. In fact, there is an aewsome place I go with my dad sometimes just outside Gayton. I checked out the site on the Dark Sky Map surveys, and it is the darkest spot around this part of East Anglia, comparable to places even, in Wales. Easy to get there too. But my dad, is not into the hobby as much as me, and does not have the best of health right now. So, its a bit dis-hartening for me when I can't get out.

So anyone in or near the Kings Lynn area looking for a serious collegue in astronomy to travel out to dark sites around the local area, please feel free to contact me.

Wouldn't that be fantastic if a small group of people all paid for a mini bus, drove round the area, picked everyone up with their gear loaded in the bus, and headed out to dark sites, not once in a while but regularly :rolleyes:  That's a way of spending my free time :grin:

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