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    • By alanjgreen
      As the weather is bad, I thought that I would count up the number of nights out observing that I have to done over the last 4 years (from my notes).
      To keep it fair I just counted the first 9 months of the year for comparison.
      Here are my results...
      2017 (Jan 1 - Oct 1) = 44 nights
      2016 (Jan 1 - Oct 1) = 30 nights
      2015 (Jan 1 - Oct 1) = 22 nights (moved house which affected count)
      2014 (Jan 1 - Oct 1) = 63 nights
      1. I knew last year was bad but you can see just how bad it was
      2. 2014 was a great year for clear nights.
      3. This year is not as bad as I thought . In fact 50% better than last year - Hurrah!
      Hope this clears you all up a bit!
    • By Richard Hather
      Purchased this hood from R-Sky a few weeks ago because I felt my hoodie wasn't sufficient for the job and at £29 I thought it was money well spent.
      How right I was, the hood easily blocks out all light and allows me to observe with both eyes open the quality of the material is excellent very well made.
      It has 3 buttons for different sizes and also keeps you warm as a added bonus.
      You can also purchase the solar hood which would be also high quality.
      In conclusion if your tired of neighbours lights or reflections of your scope or just want to observe with both eyes open then you can do a lot worse.
      Clear skies 🌌✨💫🔭🎨

    • By crcooney
      Ok guys,
      So I was reading an article in Astronomy magazine about finding and viewing Pluto. According to them, Pluto can be viewed with an 8" scope and great conditions coming up next week to mid July....supposedly. It will be transiting nearly in front of a star (I'll have to find the SAO #, don't have the magazine with me at the moment) making it a little easier to find I'm guessing?
      I haven't seen any posts about the little fella (didn't look very hard). So who has seen it? I'm imagining a dark shadow about the size of a grain of sand. I have an 8se and I plan driving a little ways to get to high ground and better my chances if future skies cooperate. But not gonna try if it wouldn't be worth it.
    • By Rhushikesh-Canisminor
      My friend and I are trying to make a DIY refractor based telescope which will be used only for solar projection as our personal monsoon project. We don't have any specific plan yet but roughly this is the idea : suppose an 80mm achromat f/10 (or similar) with a zoom eyepiece attached to a Sun funnel. (Or similar)
      My major concern is the heat build up in the scope. I use my 90mm f/10 refractor for solar projection and within 15 min I can sense the heat built up inside.
      Any ideas or suggestions on this? Are there any specific coatings which can work for heat reduction? Any thoughts are welcome!
      P.S. I am from Mumbai region and summer temperature does rise up to 40+ degree Celsius. Also,I don't want to have a telescope smaller than 70-80mm aperture.
    • By Victor Boesen
      Recently I made my own website based on astronomy, and I have just posted my 2nd post.
      I would really appreciate if you checked it out, and gave me some feedback and maybe even some tips and tricks for making a website.