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First usable picture (just) Handheld iPhone

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Hi Folks

I have just started again in the hobby and have bought 



baader click zoom & barlow

hyperion t adapter (to allow connection to t-ring)

canon t adapter

Here is my first effort holding the iPhone to the eyepiece.

First iPhone Moon Picture

I have ordered a 600d moded and have a couple of questions about connections.

1: The 150PDS needs the 50mm extension when using the eyepiece, do I need this in place when connecting the SLR to the Eyepiece?

2: I am slightly worried about the overall weight that will be placed on the focuser and subsequently the OTA,  Should I be concerned? I do have plans in the future to buy a Moonlite Cr2 :) but that is some months away.

3: Am I right in assuming the the connection is as follows.

SLR  > T-Ring > Eyepiece T-Ring Adapter > Eyepiece > Focus extender?

4: I initially will be Photographing the Moon, and Planets (if alignment allows) before upgrading the mount to the heq5, but my thoughts are baby steps...

Is there anything else I need to be aware of with the above set up and any general exposure timing tips for unguided would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks


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1. Probably not as it was shortened for astrophotography

2. You may get some movement and flex (however others will advise)

3. For dslrs you don't need an eyepiece, the telescope acts as a normal lens would for the camera, so it will be slr-tring-tring adapter - focuser

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2. Adjust the scope in the tube rings to bring the focuser horizontal if it has a tendency to slip and go out of focus. I've seen some people put a rubber band around the focuser tube to prevent it sliding in as well.

3. What you describe here is eyepiece projection, this may in fact be suitable for the moon and planets as it will give you greater increase the image scale. If you don't have a Barlow then this method is preferable otherwise the target will be tiny on your DSLR. You can further increase image scale by using spacers between the camera and the eyepiece, doing so will dim the image however.

I think the SW scopes tend to come with a T2 thread on the focuser, you should be able to connect the T-ring directly to this. This would be prime focus.

Depending on what mod you are having done you may need a filter, a full spectrum mod requires an IR blocking filter otherwise you will saturate the red channel very quickly.

I'm not familiar with your camera but lunar and planetary is generally done by taking a video and stacking the individual frames to take advantage of moments of good seeing.

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Many Thanks for the hints and better explanation. I do indeed intend on moon and planets to start with and choose the canon 600d for the ability to do videos as well, I am not 100% on what mod is being applied, I bought one that is described as a astro moded from cheapastrophotography. The Zoom eyepiece apparently will mount a slr with the adapter and I intended on using it for the moon and planets initially before moving on to the DSO's.

again many thanks for the tips and sage advise, its much appreciated.

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