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Ok, i give up, could anyine  please explain the quality graph? I.e how many frames should i keep for stacking, or what to do after this stage.


I kept 1000 frames out of some 2000ish and the results goes like this:


The other stack, look like this (the graph is my problem as i don't understand it)


And the result is this:


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The green line shows the quality of your images within your video sorted into quality order.  The best image has a quality of 100% and the worst 0%.  This does not mean your worst image is awful!! Just that the software gives it a value of "0".  The grey "wobbly" line is the same quality graph but in the order of the frames in the video.  From this graph you can get a good idea of how many "good" frames you have.

In your first example the quality of your images gradually drops away as the video runs from start to finish - maybe some haze or cloudiness got in the way?  The second is more typical - some "good" frames mixed up with some "not so good" frames - you have a few really good frames under the "uali" of the word quality.

It is up to you to decide how many frames to stack - it's all down to experience!  With your second example of 2997 frames i would be tempted to try about 10% of them (or 300 frames) to start with.  If I thought I had some decent seeing (always watch the "live view" of the video coming in and make notes of the "good" and "bad" ones) I may try just 100-120 frames and see if there was a noticeable improvement.

You do need to stack enough frames to keep noise under control, but not so many as to introduce poor frames that will lead to a poor final image.  This is where batch stacking can let you down, unless you can be sure that you are only going to be stacking "good" frames.

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