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Newbie astrophyle from New Hampshire

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Hello, Everyone! As an astrophotography newbie, I was excited to see this astro-only forum. I have a million (well, 10^3, anyway!) questions, so you'll see me here frequently. I'm eager to learn.

I'm in my early 60s, and have been making photos since I was 8, off and on. I was lucky enough to have a grandfather who had been an advertising photographer in an earlier career and a published author/photographer after retirement *and* he was quite eager to pass his knowledge of darkroom processing on to me. He did so when I was a teen, and I was *hooked*! Later, I went to an art school college (RISD) and learned much more there, which was energized by the wonderfully-photogenic Providence, Rhode Island. It wasn't until, many years later, that I bought one of the early consumer digital cameras (1 point 3 MPx!) that I was much more excited by photography again. 150,000 photos later, I now use a Fuji X-T1 camera (APS-C sensor) with a set of mostly-Fuji lenses. I live in west-central New Hampshire (USA), in rather light-polluted Lebanon. Fortunately, I can drive 30 minutes of so north to quite dark skies.

Through the years, I've done a number of astrophotos. The earliest I can remember was with a 35mm camera and a cheap 450mm Soligor f/8 lens of the solar eclipse of 1970 that passed over New England. I used a very spotty half-silvered mirror as a solar filter, and got a passable result. In more recent times, I've shot star trails (on film), some mild auroras, and captured a few lunar eclipses. I'm very eager to do more!

I'll see if I can attach my latest effort of the lunar eclipse of this week. It's not the best resolution (It's what I uploaded to Facebook and further crunched by them), but it's all I have handy right here.post-47203-0-18854400-1443719131_thumb.j

Clear skies,


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Hi Ted and welcome to SGL, very nice image of the Moon, by the looks of the location where you took the picture, you could well have had quite a lot of interested guests you wouldn't have seen :eek: enjoy your Astronomy and the forum :)

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Hi Ted and Welcome.  I joined the group a short time ago and have found it to be a nice place to meet likeminded people and ask questions.  There are many here with the experience to offer good advice.  You and I have quite a bit in common it seems - (in our 60's, new to AP, inspiring grandfather etc.)  Your picture of the eclipse is very cool.  I look forward to hearing more from you as you go along.  Enjoy!

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