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Hi there,

I am, I suppose, a noobie. Have been interested in astronomy and astrophotography  for some years now but never really progressed beyond reading  about it. Had a telescope but never used it much. However a friend has now taken up the "sport" ad we encourage each to progress along the astronomy trail.   I have been constructing a barn door for some months now and have used it a few times recently but not really successfully. User error, and old age, causing errors but I am sure all will come good in the end.

Am off to the IAS tomorrow soI expect the bank account will take a small(ho ho )hit.

I have read and wholeheartedly agree with the Code of Conduct, have seen several forums dragged down because of members lack of self control.

Chris :icon_salut: :icon_salut: :icon_salut:

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Hi Chris and welcome to SGL - This is a great place to be, so glad that you found us. You are very brave going to the IAS when you have some money in your account :D As you say, no worries, it will be empty upon your return :D :d

Look forward to seeing you around and good luck with the show :)

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Hi Chris and welcome to SGL, I think the Barn Door project is a good idea for those into DIY, possibly the secret is to be able to make manual micro adjustments to the distance between the hinge and drive unit, to achieve accurate tracking, just using a basic 1 rpm drive motor, that is if you are not going all out to use electronic control and a stepper motor, as with some advanced designs, enjoy the forum :)

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Hello and welcome to SGL!   I went to the IAS yesterday (Sat) - not impressed.  The show is a shadow of it's former self, in my opinion that is. Anyhow, enjoy the hobby and let's hope for some clearer skies than we've had of late! 

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