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Hi all

I posted another thread about any programs that would with a Mac. However I've decided to go the opposite way and I'd like to buy a laptop that I can use Windows on, so I can use all the programs I'm familiar with.

All that will be required of the laptop is to use sharpcap, startrails, registax, DSS, PIPP, and a couple more programs if I need them. It needs to be able to handle big avi files and have the power to stack a shed load of star trails pictures.

Any help would be lovely!



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It might be good to set a budget and work from there.

I am very happy with the last laptop I bought (once I dumped W 8.1) a Toshiba C 50 and the one before gave good service (still is in fact) Acer Aspire on W 7.


Never thought to mention a budget, but that's pretty flexible to an limit of about £400 I think, that may be a lot more than I need

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for what you want to use it for i would get a used ex corporate  lappy from ebay, i bought a HP 6910p for astro work with good spec for about £150, you would get same spec for less now

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I have always been a "Mac Guy" but decided to do the same thing.  Makes more sense to use a cheap laptop in the field rather than my MacBook Pro.

 I bought a Dell Inspiron 15-5000 for about $400.  At 1/4 the price of the Mac, I consider this cheap ... and it is brand new.  1TB HD and 6GB Memory. A pretty stout matching for what I will use it for.

Now, I have been learning to run a PC.  I will get by with it for running Capture & Stacking software but will do my processing on the Mac, for sure!

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