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Hello from Sunny San Diego, CA

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Hello all,

I live in Southern California in the light polluted San Diego Suburbs. While we do get a lot of dry and clear nights here summers (of all seasons!) can be cloudy due to the ocean moisture meeting the dry desert air.

I started star gazing when I was in my teens and never really stopped (close to 25 years now). I enjoy astrophotography but in the last couple of years I have gravitated towards EAA/Video Astronomy which connects me back to why I got interested in the hobby in the first place namely visual observing.

I actually discovered this site when I came looking for Paul Shear's Lodestar Live software (for EAA) about a year ago. I am an avid user of his software (thanks Paul, appreciate your contribution to the community...).

Look forward to seeing you all around...


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Hi Hiten,

A warm welcome to SGL! Sounds like you're an experienced EAA observer? I look foward to seeing some of your stuff in the Video Astronomy (EAA) forum and sharing knowledge and expriences. :)


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Greetings Hiten & welcome to SGL. Got an old army buddy out there who works on North Island. Went to visit in 2008 and had a great time - it's really scenic out there if you get away from the city, not that the city's not scenic but you know what I mean. He used to go down to Baja every once in awhile but says it's so bad down there now it's best to steer clear. Bet there's some dark skies down that way or maybe somewhere up in the mountains - which aren't too far if I recall.

Anyway, glad you joined and clear skies...  :smiley:

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Thank you all for the warm welcome...

Dana, although I enjoy football more than baseball (go Chargers!) I do go to Padres games now and then...  :smiley:

Scorpius, a lot of redevelopment is going on in downtown... looks better than ever... you should revisit if you get an opportunity...

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