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new to astronomy

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HI. My name is bill and i live in southeast northumberland in the uk.  I have an interest in vintage binoculars and astronomy without having any kind of expertise.

any advice on either would be welcome

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Hi Bill and welcome to SGL, we do have a dedicated bino section and there are publications which deal with binocular Astronomy, the one I have is "Touring The Universe through Binoculars" Phillip. S Harris, there is a very interesting free down load of adjustable star maps on his web site, associated with the publication, but, of course, there are many other authors for you to research,  enjoy the forum :)

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Hi Bill and welcome to the forum. Binos are a great bit of kit to explore the night sky with. Nothing quite like cruising down the Milky Way with with a wide field of view! 

Hope you enjoy the forum

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Hi Bill,

Welcome to SGL. There is at least three astro societies in your area which might be able to offer more advice on what to look for/equipment and as already mentioned the bino section on here. If you get away from the bright lights of Newcastle or Morpeth then a pair of binos will show plenty of nice objects.

My location, about 7 miles west of Newcastle has moderate light pollution and although I don't often use binos, I did find the comet earlier in the year with a pair of cheap pocket binos and of course you can see Jupiter and it's moons as well as just tell Saturn from it's oval shape.

Best of luck and enjoy the coming dark nights.


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